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Simple, easy to use and powerful

Simple operation and easy to use

You can select text, lines, icons, dates, barcodes and other elements as needed Supports operations such as alignment, zooming in, and zooming out, what you see is what you get

Massive templates, ready to use

It has built-in templates for industries such as clothing, supermarkets, food, jewelry, logistics, and retail, with a large number of styles for you to choose from to meet the needs of various industries

Batch printing, saving time and effort

Supports importing Excel and TXT files to realize batch text printing Supports batch setting of serial numbers to realize automatic and rapid coding arrangement

Cloud storage multi-terminal synchronization

Real-time synchronization between computer and mobile terminals

Using cloud technology, it can ignore distance across space and support data synchronization between Android, iOS and PC

Tags are stored in the cloud, safe and not lost

With multiple protection technologies, there is no need to worry about data loss even if the device is replaced or the system is reinstalled

Multi-person collaboration and efficient printing

Label templates allow multiple people to collaborate on different devices, allowing for a reasonable division of labor in label editing, printing, file management and other aspects, and visibly improving efficiency

Compatible with a variety of printing devices

  • Desktop printer

    Compatible with all desktop printer brands on the market

  • Portable printer

    Compatible with printer brands that support CPCL, TSPL, and ESC/POS instructions

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